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    My Levo Leaning on Stuff

    Not glamorous. Swinley.
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    What's the go to rear mudguard for the Levo?

    Following @Jeff H 's idea I used two MuckyNutz face fenders and so far it seems to work. Before and after pics below.
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    Knee replacement and knee pads.

    I think to get the best results you have to put time into the physio. You’ll be back before you know it.
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    Knee replacement and knee pads.

    I had a replacement 2years ago and wear a thinner pair of Daianase (sp) for general riding and wear a heavier pair of Race Face for quicker or rocky areas. The knee recovered well although was taking ages with the first physio who had a very gentle ‘don’t go into pain’ theory. I change physio...
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    Just seen your name, are you actually a beekeeper? If so are there any good forums for...

    Just seen your name, are you actually a beekeeper? If so are there any good forums for beekeeping as I’m thinking of starting? Thanks
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    Noise is driving me mad

    Quick update Thanks for all the advice and help. I changed, lubed and yes cleaned components individually to see if/when the nose would go. Cleaned bike - no change Swapped saddle - no change Removed and lubed seat post - no change Headset - removed/cleaned/lubed top bearing - no change...
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    Noise is driving me mad

    No not yet, I’ve just lost interest with it atm.
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    Noise is driving me mad

    Thanks I was beginning to suspect that, I’ll change the saddle and see. Cheers
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    Noise is driving me mad

    Yep, it’s as soon as the bike is on a gravel/trail not so much on the road.
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    Noise is driving me mad

    Thanks Allan I'll have a look next weekend. Cheers
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    Noise is driving me mad

    I dont think a bit of dust will create that noise, but thanks :-)
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    Noise is driving me mad

    I'm falling out of love with my Levo. The forks/front end creaks so loudly I cant ignore it while riding, the bike also turned off twice during my last day ride. I did take it back to the shop and they said it was caused by damp but I hadn't washed it for a month and been no where near water...
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    Answered How to lock it in the garage

    I brought a ground anchor and chain from here a few years ago. Sold Secure Approved & Police Approved Ground Anchors, Security Chains and more
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    Annoying rattle coming from the front end of 2019 turbo levo FSR

    I thought my forks had an annoying rattle but bizarrely found out it was the seat post. A bit of gt85 resolved months of trying to find it.
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    Indecision is killing me!!

    If you decide to go for the Levo, contact Chris @berkshirecycles the service, knowledge and help is incredible.
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    Chains again, sorry.

    Ok thanks
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    Chains again, sorry.

    After measuring my chain recently I was disappointed to see it’s at .75 after 240 miles. Then reading posts about chains noticed people changing at .5 as my Park tool only has .75 & 1 I figured maybe I should change the Park tool as I brought it for a 10 speed. Is there a tool for 10 and one for...
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    Levo bottle cage bulk

    Yep it’s a multi tool, it’s quite good. The clip is really tight, it comes down and out to the left (from memory )
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    Unanswered Rockshox Revelations

    I ordered a 24mm spanner to remove the fork top to change the tokens. However now I found it’s a kind of splined tool. Can anyone tell me is that the same as the cassette tool? Thanks