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    Energypak Plus

    It takes me 3s to find on the Giant website So YES should fit to Trance X ;)
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    Headset Bearing size or part number - MY20 Trance E+2

    2019 and 2020 has the same frameset ... so I don't think that they change antything ;)
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    Lets see your Giant ebike pics..

    First serious ride. I did two rides in last 3 days, and new 625Wh battery works perfect. Start from 90% and total mileage about 61,5 km(38,5 miles) and elevation gain total 835m (2740ft), and still 38% of battery, so I'm quite impressed. Mullet setup makes downhills a lot safer... but I did...
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    2020 Trance e+ pro Rear Hanger

    2019 has direct mount, and 2020+ has traditional mount.
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    625w battery - is it worth it?

    IMHO prices wouldn't drop down. Why ? Extreme high demand on the market and low supply, means that You can sell almost everything what You provide at all price. You are absolutely right, that important part of the price is external suppliers like Shimano/Sram/Fox/RS etc... but to see prices...
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    625w battery - is it worth it?

    That would be nice, small-light battery for 1-1,5hr fun ride... but to be honest, most of people can ride with 500Wh and not complain about capacity. I'd rather be affraid about stupid ideas to rent everything... just see what is happend in car market. f.e. BMW wants to open some options if You...
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    625w battery - is it worth it?

    I think that other manufactures shows that You can loss weight with the same capacity. Specialized 700Wh weight less than 500/625Wh battery from Giant
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    Giant Trance E+ 1Pro - Electronic Shifting?

    Di2 does not exist for 12spd drivetrains only 11spd is avaliable. IMHO Sram AXS is a real wireless solution, and new GX AXS should work proper even with Shimano 12spd cassette.
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    Trance E Freehub issues

    Let's facet with all bike companies try to save a lot of money a specially on wheelsets... even very expensive bikes has cheap and unreliable hubs.
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    replacing chainring

    What chain did You buy ? 2020 Stance has 10spd. Stance has centerlock/directmount front chainring.
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    2020 trance e+ 0 rear hub

    I just checked tech listo of 2020 E+ O Pro... and they put PG-1230 11-50 Sram NX cassette... so You can do it both ways. Staying with NX cassette ( IMHO not bad idea, full steel cogs and cheap) and buy a wheelset with HG (standard) freehub body or buy wheelset with XD Sram freehub body and that...
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    Trance E Freehub issues

    So if there is Trance X E+ 3 Pro that spins on shimano MT410 hubs ... simple but IMHO if anthing goes wrong parts for Shimano will be avaliable much better than Formula.
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    DIY battery upgrade with 18650 cells

    IMHO that will be veeeeery difficult or immpossible. BMS for 99% will shut down after unplug batteries. I red many topics and saw movies on YT and integrated batteries are very complex and not easy to do antyhing inside. But my fingers are crossed 4U guys...
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    Trance E Freehub issues

    What model You have ordered ?
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    Trance E Freehub issues

    Just in case, If You have a bit of time, just check and lube (put a fiew drops of chain lube) bearings in rear and front hub. I did it, before my first ride, and so fat I did not have any issues... why it is so important IMHO ? I have noticed, that my hubs were almost completely dry inside.
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    32t chainring ?

    So I got still 36 but on the rear 10-51T Deore, so Your 42/34 = 1,24 factory... in my 51/36 = 1,42, but honesly factory 46/36 and max support can manage any mountain ;)
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    32t chainring ?

    Any significant different with 36T->32T, less battery wear ?
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    32t chainring ?

    2019 has 1x11 (11-46T and 36T).
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    max tire size

    Reign = only 27,5+