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    Noise is driving me mad

    I'm falling out of love with my Levo. The forks/front end creaks so loudly I cant ignore it while riding, the bike also turned off twice during my last day ride. I did take it back to the shop and they said it was caused by damp but I hadn't washed it for a month and been no where near water...
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    Chains again, sorry.

    After measuring my chain recently I was disappointed to see it’s at .75 after 240 miles. Then reading posts about chains noticed people changing at .5 as my Park tool only has .75 & 1 I figured maybe I should change the Park tool as I brought it for a 10 speed. Is there a tool for 10 and one for...
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    Unanswered Rockshox Revelations

    I ordered a 24mm spanner to remove the fork top to change the tokens. However now I found it’s a kind of splined tool. Can anyone tell me is that the same as the cassette tool? Thanks
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    Good range test

    Just back from a great ride which I would never have tried on my regular mtb. 30 miles, 2019 Levo standard 500 battery. Woky to Swinley and back.
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    First ride in snow ever.

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    I went on my first organised ride yesterday and being a natural worrier I almost didn’t take the levo as I was worried about the battery life and mileage. Anyway had a great ride with the loop starting in Dorking and taking in Box hill, 20 miles and 2764ft climbing. Got back to the car with 40%...
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    Levo 2019 Forks

    Now getting used to the bike and I love it. However.... now I’m stating to push it more I hate the forks (Revs). I can’t afford (all the money went on the bike) to replace them so is there a way to make them feel plusher. When I hit some thing they feel and sound like a cheap spring only...
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    Levo - small mods

    No big mods yet but today I put on a 38 tooth chainwheel and Magic Mary front. Transformed the bike. Thanks to Berkshire Cycles.
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    Happy New Year

    Christmas morning and a new Levo Turbo was delivered, I’d been looking but couldn’t take the plunge. :-) Took it to Swinley yesterday and it was like I’d discovered mountain bikes all over again @ 55 I felt like a kid again. Although very tired at the end.