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  1. Beekeeper

    Rear View Glasses Can’t wait to get a pair of these special glasses so I can keep an eye on @Zimmerframe and @Gary to make sure they are not attempting any fancy overtaking manoeuvres on my...
  2. Beekeeper

    E-Bike obsession

    Anyone thinking about their ebike too much? I decided to make a sandwich to take my mind off it but as I turned the key on the corned beef tin I couldn’t help noticing that at the start one turn of the key equalled one revolution of metal seal (just like the crank : front sprocket ratio on the...
  3. Beekeeper

    Sub zero issues 🥶

    Anything to be careful about in sub zero temperatures? Isn’t metal supposed to be more brittle when cold? Could a motor component, drive train / spoke break more easily or even the bike frame snap? The door of my car froze once and when I tried to open it the handle snapped off in my hand...
  4. Beekeeper

    Anyone carry a spare Bosch powerpack in rucksack?

    Thinking about carrying spare powerpack 500wh in rucksack for longer trips and less range anxiety. Good idea or will I regret the extra weight? Only do road / firetrack riding on a hardtail
  5. Beekeeper

    Brake pad wear

    My brake pads seem to wear at the same rate front and back. what are others finding and what does this say about riding style / environment / skill etc?
  6. Beekeeper

    Unanswered Front axle heavily scored

    Probably a really simple explanation to this but what causes these marks on the front axle? Is it anything to worry about?
  7. Beekeeper

    Unanswered Too heavy for 120mm travel?

    Just a basic question, I weigh 100kg and don’t really do jumps etc but I’m more concerned about comfort on very rocky trails. considering my weight, would a 120 suspension e.g. Cube Stereo hybrid 120 be a bad choice? I don’t want to be bottoming out all the time.
  8. Beekeeper

    Electric bike price cuts announced

    Announced on news today...
  9. Beekeeper

    Ebikes on GMBN?

    😃 I do believe these are couple of ebikes on GMBN. I’ll repeat that.... GMBN. Is this a pivotal moment?
  10. Beekeeper

    Answered How to raise handlebars?

    I feel I’m stretching a bit to reach the handlebars. The most comfortable position is simply touching the grips with my fingertips but obviously not a good idea riding like that. Do I simply add a couple of spacers to the stem or is it more complicated than that?
  11. Beekeeper

    Answered What tyre pressure for tarmac

    Got a big road trip coming up. Smooth tarmac. Not sure what pressure to use. Any suggestions? tyres:- Nobby Nics 29 x 2.6 with inner tubes. recommended pressure 20-45 PSI bike:- Cube Hybrid Reaction Race hardtail rider weight and baggage 100kg
  12. Beekeeper

    Which of these 2 bikes?

    Decathlon Stilus £2699 Focus Jam 6.7 £3999 Both seem to have very similar specs despite the huge price difference. Bosch gen 4 RockShox 150mm travel Admittedly the Focus does have a 625 battery as opposed to the Stilus’s 500 but am I missing something here? is the Focus a much better bike and...
  13. Beekeeper

    Tyre cleaning

    Anyone got any tips on making their tyres look new again? I use tyre gloss on my car tyres and they look amazing but wondered if anyone uses any particular products on their bike tyres. Using water alone just makes them look a bit dull and dry afterwards.
  14. Beekeeper

    New Southern Cycle Route opens

    Long distance King Alfred's Way cycle route opens Long distance southern cycle route opens
  15. Beekeeper

    Answered Best place to sell a non-ebike?

    Anyone tell me the best site to sell a couple of non-ebikes. I’ve only ever used eBay to sell stuff but that was 10 years ago.
  16. Beekeeper

    Answered Brake pad question

    I’ve just received these Clarks resin brake pads for my Shimano XT brakes. Ive noticed a little metal tab on the spring but not sure if this tab should be on the bottom or the top when I insert the pads into the Caliper. There are no right or left or up or down markings anywhere. Not seen this...
  17. Beekeeper

    Gen 2 v Gen 3

    The gen 3 is lower powered (65nm) than the gen 2 CX(75nm) and used mainly on hybrid bikes. Anyone know what gives the CX more torque? I’m assuming they are both 250w motors. Is it just the gears inside which are different?
  18. Beekeeper

    How would a 120 travel FS cope with this?

    Found this quite tough on a hardtail with 100 travel how much better would a 120 full suspension cope? Or would this terrain be a bit too much for a 120 FS?
  19. Beekeeper

    Unanswered Why does my total distance travelled not record properly?

    Every 2 weeks or so my total distance travelled and also trip counter lose about 50 miles suddenly. I’ll basically switch the bike on the next morning and I’ve somehow lost 50 miles on my odometer ive got a Bosch purion. anyone else had this issue?
  20. Beekeeper

    2021 Cube Product Launch