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  1. Fivetones

    Orbea Rise EMTB - 16.2KG Superlight
  2. Fivetones

    New Stumpjumper Evo: hint at possibilities for the next Levo?

    Title of thread says it. The linkage of the Enduro rules that out for an assisted version.
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    Article Testing the new Shimano EP8 motor

    The wait for the EP9 (SL power level for road/gravel/light mtb) begins. 😁 I wonder how reliable this EP8 will be Vs. The E8000?
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    Turbo Levo 2021 Levo

    All this stuff is up on Specialized web site. No fan fair and they’re still calling the 2.1 motor “new” 🙈
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    Bosch presents its eBike Design Vision

    As a commuter bike I suppose this is interesting but only in the same way as an urban SUV might be to a car driver. In reality you’d need full mudguards for something like this with a rack. I think something more along the lines of Specialized Creo/Vado (gravel/hybrid) with less excess weight to...
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    Thoughts on Di2?

    What I like about my Di2 is that the shifter is so much neater and matches the mode selector for the motor on the left (E7000 both sides). It shifts beautifully too. Needed? Possibly not but it is a neat thing.
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    Levo SL 2021 Levo SL Comp Carbon Green

    2021 models haven’t been announced yet.
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    Levo SL 2021 Levo SL Comp Carbon Green

    Actual measurements here for the Alu frame:
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    Levo SL 2021 Levo SL Comp Carbon Green

    Around 800g difference. Paint around 100g if you want to run the alu raw ;)
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    Levo SL 2021 Levo SL Comp Carbon Green

    It’s actually a different layup approach for this type of carbon rather than using a regular weave. They’re just displaying it with a deep lacquer type finish. Obviously an acquired taste :)
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    Waxing your chain instead of lube?

    This is starting to get more mainstream it seems. Obviously watts obsessed roadies are all over it. (Watts-weenies anyone?)
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    Bosch Gen4 gets more power, is faster than Turbo Levo in drag race

    More coverage here: I wonder if Bosch are able to improve pedal through when it reaches the assistance limit in software? Did you notice any improvement there @Rob Hancill ?
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    Are Shimano staying in the motor game ?

    Traditional bikes will not become extinct. EMTB and lots of other electric augmented transport are going to be pretty huge though in a few years compared to now. Wouldn’t it be nice if a motor or battery replacement was just like any other groupset replaceable item? If it was £400 for a motor...
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    Are Shimano staying in the motor game ?

    Some facts: - There’s no rolling warranty on the Brose. - Brose is no more or less repairable than the E8000. - I’m not saying E8000 is perfect either but they both have issues - The seal situation is terrible on the Brose too for example. Don’t get me wrong though all manufacturers have a...
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    Levo SL 2021 Levo SL Comp Carbon Green

    Love that. A few kashima bits and that would look great.
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    Are Shimano staying in the motor game ? Like a few in this linked thread the road/SL type motor could be a separate 48v battery/motor setup That’s different to a bolt/battery...
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    Are Shimano staying in the motor game ?

    Got a link? What make you think there’s just one motor coming? 😊 As for whether I’d buy Shimano at the moment. They’re no worse or better for support than all the others on balance. In addition the E8000 still holds up well by current standards. Particularly when you go beyond numbers and ride...
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    Levo SL Levo SL Owners Thread

    Biggest change is that colour :)
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    Buying a new e-bike in the U.K.

    Worth noting that Specialized will be announcing the 2021 models soon. This may or may not help with availability as demand for Specialized is always quite high. Also there seems to be a feeling that the real boom in cycle sales could be tailing off.
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    Second hand e bike price

    Depends on manufacturer and model. Some hold value more than others.