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  1. DrStupid

    Ebay has some pw-x drive units. Not seen this before. The price is right. Seller showing 12 units.
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    Shimano Derailleur RD-M8000-GS vs. RD-M8100-SGS Cage Length and general longevity.

    Iv'e worn out the pivots on my RD-M8000-GS derailleur. Its still working OK, but getting sloppy. I'm considering giving an RD-M81000-SGS a try, but I'm curious if it's as tough as the M8000 and how much longer the cage is? Does anybody have an opinion after using them both?
  3. DrStupid

    2.8 e-wild on rear of 2019 Trance e+. TOO WIDE?

    Is anybody else running the 2.8 ewild on their Trance, and experiencing the chain getting into the side knobs? Its usually when moving pretty fast, but not peddling. The chain is correct length, and the derailleur is clutched and though worn out, is in pretty good shape.
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    FLOAT DPX2 setup and customer code Trance

    Ok, in another thread I've reported that my Float DPS performance shock gave up the ghost. I've now installed a DPX2 Factory- Custom Code D3LL. First thing that seemed odd was I needed 10 Psi more air pressure than with the DPS to achieve 25% sag. Maybe this is normal? I went for a ride and...
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    Exploded view trance rear suspension

    Anybody have one? I'm greasing all the bearings, have it apart, and cant remember how it all goes back together🤔 Its really down to two sets of spacers used to gap the lower connector link. The ID and the width of the spacers are equal and only differ in OD. They fit universally it seems, as...
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    Review Timber! Mountain Bike Bell

    Product Image: Product name: Timber! Mountain Bike Bell Price paid: ~$25USD Score (out of 10): 8 Review: Bought this to let the deer know I'm coming. I had a few close calls with the critters and decided to try a bell. It's almost too loud, but it's a quality bell for sure. Everything with...
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    1973 Triumph Spitfire New Owner

    My Dad and I bought this car In New Hudson Michigan back around 1992. Later, he restored it, finally completing the project in 2007. At 79 yrs old, Dad wanted it out of the barn, and told me to come get it! I hauled it home yesterday. The car was always solid, with almost no rust, but...
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    Review The Boss Rogue Hoe

    Product Image: Product name: The Boss Rogue Hoe Price paid: $75 Score (out of 10): 10 Review: 85H – 8.5″ The BOSS | Rogue Hoe Distributing, LLC This has become my absolute favorite trail building tool. Its sharp, tough enough to bounce off the occasional rock and keep its edge, heavy...
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    How can I check the mileage, without taking the bike to a dealer?

    2019 Trance e+ Is there an app (preferred) or device like a Garmin, that can connect with the ride-control-one, and show the bikes odometer? Is it ridiculous that a $5600 bike doesn't have an odometer via the OEMs application? 🧐
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    Chainring locknut removal. 2019 Trance E+

    I'm not certain Gaint recommends this method but lacking any source for manuals... here is how I did it. It's a LH thread so clockwise loosens it! Removed crank and wrapped my cassette/chainring wrench around chainring. With the special locknut socket and a crescent wrench, I was able to...
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    Review Fahrer E-Bike Battery Protection for Underpipe Battery

    Product name: Fahrer E-Bike Battery Protection for Underpipe Battery Price paid: About $33 Score (out of 10): 8 Review: Fahrer E-Bike Battery Protection for Underpipe Battery Fahrer Akku eBike Battery Cover: Universal, Tube | Tree Fort Bikes I bought to to stop water and trail muck getting...
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    Anybody here run a GNCC emtb?

    I'm planning to run Lorrettas and the one in Kentucky this year (hope springs eternally). If you have run a gncc emtb before, share your setup so I can copy cat... just joking but seriously devulge something useful. Lol. What would you guess your average speed was?
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    Found this interesting, particularly the part about IBS markups.

    E-bike brands look to powersport dealers to reach dirt bike enthusiasts — and more
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    Giant up 5%

    Giant's revenue over last 3 quarters up 5% If I would have invested the cost of my GTE+P1 instead of buying it... I could now afford 2 of them.
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    Brand new 10 speed chain broken..what do I do?

    I've broken a brand new chain, is it now relegated to spare only use, can proper repair be made to a broken chain? Edit, what 10 speed chain are you other 10 speeders using for the large capacity cassettes? All the 10 speed chains I see, that are long enough for my rig (118 links) are...
  16. DrStupid

    Nicolai EBOXX or R&M or other- E14 Rohloff reviews?

    Looking at emtbs with rohloffs, that are turn key, I see only the Nicolai and the Riese and Muller. I can't find any comprehensive reviews of these bikes. I am curious how the E14 rohloff is actually working? Anybody here have a review or personal experience? Are there other rohloff turnkey...
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    Shimano 12 speed hyperglide plus; is it all that?

    To those who currently have some miles on the latest Shimano 7100, 8100, 9100 systems, are they as good as the propaganda machine say? I'm currently not impressed, but dont have the final piece yet, the illustrious hyperglide plus cassette riding on an elusive microspline hub. So I know nothing!
  18. DrStupid

    Shimano/SRAM 12 speed compatibility [now a 10 speed thread]

    I just bolted on a 12sp slx (RD-7100-sgs) long cage derailleur to my Trance e+ Pro1 Eagle system... and it works fine. I'm not gonna say its better than the GX/NX (yet) as I've only been on a few short rides, but it is at least as good as any of the three NX/Gx I've been fighting. I also...
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    First pics of Yamaha's full suspension emtb.

    Maybe the photo has been doctored up, but it doesn't look like a pw-x2 motor? Who's fork is that? Yamaha announces new electric motorcycles, scooters and more in huge EV push - Electrek
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    Which bike brands provided the most complete service manuals, parts listings?

    Not talking about components like shimano or sram, but bike brands like Giant or Trek. What's your experience? I struggle finding decent technical documents for the three brands I have purchased. Is it an industry thing? As the bikes, get more complicated, things like a technical bulletin...