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    New Stumpjumper Evo: hint at possibilities for the next Levo?

    Title of thread says it. The linkage of the Enduro rules that out for an assisted version.
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    Specialized Stock levels?

    This isn’t ebike related but I hope this is ok to post here. I’m currently trying to track down stock of a 2021 Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon 54cm in satincarbon/black (in the UK). Very simply, does anyone know the best way of getting status of stock of these? My usual bike shop has been told...
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    Cannondale Topstone Neo - eGravel My word this thing is fugly. Full fat Bosch motor with battery is really out of place imo.
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    New Turbo Vado SL

    Specialized are serious about getting the most out of the SL 1.1 motor. Specialized says its new Turbo Vado SL ebike is perfect for the commute to work
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    Bikes in the UK at zero VAT?

    Some interesting suggestions here including a £250 ebike voucher scheme. Emergency cycle lanes and zero VAT on bikes needed after lockdown, says Bicycle Association - Cycling Weekly
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    Weight Weenie-ing and e-Bikes

    Weight weenie-ism has come up a lot on here recently, especially since the Levo SL came out. This short podcast is an interesting listen. ‎The BikeRadar Podcast: Tech Talk - Does weight really matter? on Apple Podcasts I love a bit of weenie-ing about weight and have done it on most bikes...
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    Fazua Software update

    Not sure I’m convinced by the write up but it does sound like it could be an improvement. Maybe better for the road bikes that have these? FAZUA Evation Black Pepper – Exclusive: Test, info and how to update the Firmware | E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine
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    New Fox 38 Forks (and new 36 and 40) 2021

    Fox 38 First Ride: Fox's New 38 Fork - Pond Beaver 2020 - Pinkbike First Look: Fox 38 everything you need to know and first look video Fox 36, 40 First Look: Fox's New 36, 38, & 40 Forks - Pond Beaver 2020 - Pinkbike Fox DHX2, X2 First Look: Fox's New Float X2 & DHX2 Shocks - Pond Beaver 2020...
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    Lockdown Positive Diversions (C19)

    Looks like we’re inside for a while. If you have a diversion that’s amusing you, preferably MTB related but not necessarily, then please share here. One suggestion though, this isn’t about the virus or the politics, please use other threads for that (Covid 19 worries ! - EMTB Forums). I’ve...
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    Frame sets and not whole bikes? - Discuss

    Given we’re all going to go crazy keeping away from our fellow humans perhaps this might make a nice discussion topic? Quality analogue MTBs more often than not have a frameset or frameset/shock option available. We don’t see this at all yet (apart from maybe the very limited EU availability of...
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    Future Cities

    It’s really great to see a city really thinking this through. Imagine living in the city and getting about easily on a bike/e-bike with no cars. It would be good to see assessments of quality of life and the data about the health of the citizens when this is fully established. It should help...
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    New Categories of e-MTBs?

    As ever there’s much talk of the ‘quiver bike’ in the analogue MTB world. Some of this is the usual manufacturer hype to drum up sales but XC seems to be emerging out of the pure race area into trail bikes (Longer reach, slacker). Possibly as trail bikes become more capable as enduro-lite. On...
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    How to be a Dick on an E-Bike

    How To Be A Dick On An Ebike - Singletrack Charged
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    Forestal e-Bike Preview

    Due in March.
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    For Sale 2019 Orange Surge Factory: £6200

    Bike / Product Year: 2019 Manufacturer: Orange Model: Surge Factory Asking Price: £6200 Description: 2019 Orange Surge Factory Due to health complications I’m selling my medium 2020 Orange Surge Factory in Sterling Silver. This bike has done 160km in total since delivery last July and is as...
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    Kinesis Rise E-Trail - another lightweight trail bike

    First review I’ve seen of this. UK company with a slightly different approach to a lightweight trail bike. Ok, so it’s a HT but it’s more budget friendly than the Levo SL. Billed as a ‘British style hardtail’ if that means anything to you (usually tough, long and low). Review | Kinesis Rise...
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    E-MTB isn’t cheating - research finding

    No, e-bikes aren’t cheating Whilst it’s a small study it has some interesting findings. Link to the paper is in the article too - including the bikes they used.
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    Bike Thefts - Calder Valley

    If you carry your bike visibly in the area this is worth being aware of. Be careful out there people. Police! This Is Not How People Carry Bikes | Singletrack Magazine
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    US-centric (?) Vital-MTB e-bike article,2766 We’ve all heard this before but the comments do display a more US-centric view, or do they? The author, in the comments, appears to have a more balanced view in their responses.
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    More Forestal e-Bike details - Cedric Gracia

    Looks like the adjustable head angle wasn’t just the design mule? I’m very interested to see how this works out - and what their own motor allows them to do. Getting Personal