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  1. Kilham5

    Cube carbon frame issues

    So, are the LBS or Cube doubting this occurred after a small drop and is the result of unacceptable crash damage?, accepting a warranty claim, or thinking about it? I bet it cannot be proven either way, but you have to appreciate they will suspect the former. It has to come down to benefit of...
  2. Kilham5

    Pace ebike

    Made me laugh too. A hand built, low production object of desire. I might have to sell the Porsche to buy one.
  3. Kilham5

    Pace ebike

    Outstanding. I almost live next door to PACE I guess I better start saving up. :unsure:
  4. Kilham5

    Handlebars rated for ebike use?

    Oh sh1te :eek: Just realised, I have put an E-bike specific Ergon saddle on my featherweight carbon hardtail push bike. Can the saddle take the stress of pedalling hard without a motor? Will my arse ever be the same? will the frame fail under the additional stress of the e-bike specific saddle...
  5. Kilham5

    Motor upgrade? - seized Perf CX :(

    :ROFLMAO: That reminds me of a tale from my youth. My mate was burgled while out at work, but they hardly took anything. He thought they must have been disturbed, as his video recorder (we are talking 80's) was left half in a bin bag on the lounge floor. Policeman said "no mate... they got it...
  6. Kilham5

    Grants to buy ebikes

    My employer has just upped the limit on the Cycle2Work scheme to £3150. Paying back through salary sacrifice scheme means benefit as a 40% tax payer is great. New road bike incoming :D
  7. Kilham5

    Pace ebike

    Is that a Shimano controller on the bars?
  8. Kilham5

    Ebike Specific Chains .

    They might not actually be manufactured, merely marketed as such to extract maximum margin from an otherwise basic chain. For years lighter chains have been demanding premium money. Those super lightweight chains might not be appropriate for the "allegedly" higher torque generated by an e-bike...
  9. Kilham5

    Levo or Levo SL - can't decide

    I have a full-fat Whyte Don't get me wrong, it is epic. But if I was buying now, and could afford it, it would be an SL
  10. Kilham5

    Show us your Whyte bits

    Whytes leant on trig points
  11. Kilham5

    Are Shimano 4-piston MT-420 and M7120 the same brakes with different paint?

    Isn't that likely to account for more difference in feel, than between XT and MT-420? I have the MT-420 on a new hardtail push bike. Before the bike even arrived I was contemplating upgrading to XT to match the rest of the bike. But after a few miles I can't justify the upgrade on cost, weight...
  12. Kilham5

    Are Shimano 4-piston MT-420 and M7120 the same brakes with different paint?

    Assuming you have the same pads and rotors?
  13. Kilham5

    Lockdown Strava Club

    Done. No motor required ;)
  14. Kilham5

    2020 Whyte - Shifter Cable Re-Route

    There is no sealed casing to open. Only the loose plastic cover on the non drive side which has plenty of holes in it anyway. And the black alloy frame fillet on the drive side which is also open, just frame strengthening. Don't touch any of the actual motor casing bolts. It is pretty obvious...
  15. Kilham5

    Road ride

    Gary's vid finishes on The Mound. Forever imprinted in my memory. I was joint project lead on the restoration of The Mound for HBOS in 2005/06 Basically lived in The Caledonian for two years, Great job, stunning outcome, loved every second. I enjoy a long road ride every now and again, but...
  16. Kilham5

    Road trip anyone?..

    As above, absolutely sensational. I would be in, if I could secure a week pass out. It would cost me a new kitchen though. IMO so much better than the tedious Bike Park stunts "look what tricks I can do, Bro" videos. Each to their own I guess.
  17. Kilham5

    Lockdown Strava Club

    I think I have joined ? ? ? :unsure:
  18. Kilham5

    Utterly bonkers

  19. Kilham5

    My First Bike back in 1970 ish

    I had a Mk1 just like that (except I don't remember the headrest) God I thought I had arrived. My dad called it the "mustard menace" I was way too small for it, I could barely peddle and had no stand-over whatsoever. Every dismount involved bashing my tackle on the top tubes before keeling over...
  20. Kilham5

    Ride your acoustic lately? I did, this morning!

    Took the new hardtail out for the first time this afternoon. Under 11kg all up. God it’s quick 😀 Incoming Fox 34SC and carbon wheels should see it easily under 10kg