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  1. jbodnar

    Levo SL 2021 Levo Comp SL (aluminum)

    Can someone please verify that on the 2021 Levo SL Comp that there is no cover on the back of the chainstay on the aluminum model? I’ve looked at one in two at different shops, neither one had any cover (I could see cables through the gap from the drive side)...I’m used to seeing a nicer cover...
  2. jbodnar

    Mission Contol/Mullet/Wheel size change

    Mission Control shows wheel size (must be changed by dealer). I’m changing my rear wheel on my 2020 Levo Comp from 29 to 27.5+ (27.5 x 3.0; front is 29 x 3.0), should the wheel size be changed? If so, what should I change it to? I did buy BLevo... Thanks.
  3. jbodnar

    2020 Levo Comp Mullet?

    I’m considering running a 27.5 plus (3.0) tire on the 2020 Levo Comp rear...anyone doing this currently? How much does a 650b plus wheel/tire lower the bottom bracket? If the Lyrik is upgraded to 160 mm, any idea how much does this raise the bottom bracket? Can offset bushings also be used to...
  4. jbodnar

    Hello from Southern California

    I‘m new to ebikes, just bought a 2020 Levo Comp...damn that bike is hard to lift into my truck and over fences! I want to try the Vigilantes High Grip 2.6 rear and 2.8 front and those SICOMTB fenders (damn their pricey). Anyone running Nukeproof ARD’s? I have a set of Spank Oozy 395+ 35mm...