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  1. jbodnar

    Levo SL Levo SL Owners Thread

    I used the 650 previously...thought the 550 progressive would have too much sag...luckily I lost 10 - 15 lbs...I expected more pedal strikes.
  2. jbodnar

    Levo SL Levo SL Owners Thread

    I weigh around 220 lbs. and use their heaviest spring 550-670.
  3. jbodnar

    Levo SL Levo SL mullet with 160mm fork?

    The axle to crown on the Lyrik appears to be a little longer than the 34 Rhythm...still feels good to me with Sqlab 30x riser bars.
  4. jbodnar

    Levo SL Levo SL mullet with 160mm fork?

    My suspicion is that the newer SL models will also get updated with a 160 mm... The 150 mm max sounded silly to me...saw it posted by others...I was surprised as hell that mine came with a 160 mm. I would have put a 160 on it regardless...since I liked it on my Levo, I knew I would prefer the...
  5. jbodnar

    Levo SL Levo SL mullet with 160mm fork?

    Not a is 160 mm. I didn’t read the manual. I noticed Specialized finally updated the specs for my new green Carbon Comp on their site and noticed it said 160 for the 34... I measured it...160 mm.
  6. jbodnar

    Levo SL Levo SL Owners Thread

    I have a non-levo 210 x 55 version (had to mount it upside down to clear the frame) on my Levo also with the progressive spring...I’m probably going to get another one for my SL.
  7. jbodnar

    Levo or Levo SL - can't decide

    Got both a Levo and others mentioned, the SL is noticeably slower going up. I definitely get more exercise on the SL (more tired after riding it). I usually ride alone...but I would prefer riding the Levo over the SL if riding with other ebikes...(I’m also not very fit). I‘m not sure...
  8. jbodnar

    Levo SL Levo SL mullet with 160mm fork?

    I have a medium 2021 Levo SL green Carbon Comp...running it as a mullet+. My 2021 came with a Fox 34 Rhythm 160 mm with the Grip damper...I took it off when I got it (didnt ride it)..I didn’t realize it was 160 mm. My SL’s head tube is also 95 mm. I took it off because of tire...
  9. jbodnar

    Turbo Levo Levo mullet curious anyone?

    I run my 2020 Levo Comp and 2021 SL Carbon Comp as mullet +...27.5 x 3.0 rear and 29 x 3.0 front...both with 160 mm forks and 210 x 55 mm shocks in the high position...I love them both! The rear 650b plus rear is about the same circumference as a 29 x 2.3.
  10. jbodnar

    Turbo Levo Cush core or Tannus Armour

    I’ve only used Cushcore, but I’m going to try Air-Liners instead of Tannus when I get my 2nd Mullet + wheelset... (Prefer to stay tubeless).
  11. jbodnar

    New Mission Control features

    I used this feature on the MC iPhone app to update mine earlier in the required entering the pairing code that was temporarily displayed on the TCD.
  12. jbodnar

    Levo SL 2021 Levo Comp SL (aluminum)

    Not enough clearance with a 2.8 tire...
  13. jbodnar

    Levo SL 2021 Levo Comp SL (aluminum)

    Thanks for the pic. The two I saw were missing that screwed down cover (but had been added since my first visit...looked like someone forgot it during assembly)...I decided to get a Carbon comp instead. I don’t like that gap...always getting stuff in my Levo’s gap...sometimes run a 2.8 in...
  14. jbodnar

    Levo SL 2021 Levo Comp SL (aluminum)

    Can someone please verify that on the 2021 Levo SL Comp that there is no cover on the back of the chainstay on the aluminum model? I’ve looked at one in two at different shops, neither one had any cover (I could see cables through the gap from the drive side)...I’m used to seeing a nicer cover...
  15. jbodnar

    Review Troy Lee Designs 7855 Armoured Shirt

    I crashed with the TLD vest version (with no back)...230 lbs...bruised/cracked ribs Memorial Day...still sore. Pads are insufficient protection. I also have a vest version with back pads...seems a tad thicker than the backless version. Got the short sleeve version to wear...seems the...
  16. jbodnar

    Turbo Levo Calculating real odometer after changing wheel circumference

    Anybody else have a bike mechanic at their dealer try to set the wheel circumference at the maximum value when a specific value (2260 mm in my case) was requested? I told the guy that updated my engine firmware that I did a rollout and the wheel circumference measured 89 inches...he set that...
  17. jbodnar

    Other Levo/levo SL Mullet setups

    I usually run a 27.5 + 3.0 (i40 mm rim Specialized Purgatory Grid) on the rear of my 2020 Levo Comp...i45 mm 29 x 3.0 SE4 up front. I also have a second rear wheel, 29 x 2.8 (a WTB Vigilante on a i35 mm rim...not much clearance) is mounted while my 27.5 rear is being fixed...but I run...
  18. jbodnar

    Mission Control Mission Control app now allows you to update your bike

    Log off/on also worked for me on IOS. I love that I can see that all my firmware is up to date. I would also like to be able to change wheel circumference...I run 27.5+ in the rear...PIA leaving it at the dealer...I do a roll out and what they entered was not accurate...had it in twice...they...
  19. jbodnar

    Going Commando .. (Body armour Question)

    I wanted to be able to ride with just G-form... The G-form knee pads slid down in a crash so my knee was skinned like I wasn’t wearing anything. The shirt doesn’t offer enough rib protection, got bruised ribs while wearing it since it doesn’t cover my ribs enough. I’m still wearing the G-form...
  20. jbodnar

    Turbo Levo 2020 Turbo Levo Owners Thread

    You will most likely feel it when it bottoms. I didn’t like the lack of adjustments of the Lyrik Select, so I upgraded mine to 160 mm with the RC2 damper (now it is an Ultimate). Here is mine after a bottom out (went down a deep gulley thinking my 29 wheel would transition and climb up the...