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    Michelin E-Wild 2.8 or 2.6 on new YT Decoy Elite?

    One of these days I will try this 2.6 fun, but I don't know how the bike will handle in the high geo positon. I like the low. Easy to manual, jumping, and just ripping through a rocky line going straight and letting off the brakes.
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    What’s they longest ride you’ve done on your Decoy?

    Here's mine: 30.5 miles and 5147 ft on the ascent. This did require continual battery management and smart use of the motor. There really was very little that needed boost mode. Eco mode was set to high Trail mode was set to low with torque limited to 50 nm. Boost mode was set to low with...
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    Post Up your Decoy Upgrades with Reviews

    About ride wrap. How did they handle the weld bumps in seat and chain stays? I can't really tell by the pics and RideWrap seems to be ignoring my info requests.
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    Code RSC Brakes

    What this guy said. Bleed them. Then, do the piston rebalancing act shown here. look at 5:30 in to skip the intro and tools needed. SRAM ARE HIGH MAINTENANCE !!!!! When I feel inspired, I may switch to TRP for the great modulation and little maintenance
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    StUnlocker and Decoy battery health. Does it work on the free addition?

    It must be something with the SMP battery.
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    StUnlocker and Decoy battery health. Does it work on the free addition?

    I've had my Decoy since Jan 2020. I've put 1500+ miles on it. In April (I think) I used StUnlocker to check things and it said battery health at 99% (0 Cycles). I thought with limited daylight, winter weather and other factors I had not ridden that much. Fast forward to Sept 1st. It...
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    Decoy pro Race 2019 Öhlins shock, Fox 36 E-fork

    Fox "decided" to do a 36 with thicker parts and use 34 internals. They say it's better, but I could not tell. It also makes any kind of upgrade much more tricky.
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    Decoy 29 chainring to 32t

    don't buy those rings. They are RaceFace knockoffs from China. They did not even bother to disguise it by changing the name much. LOL. In my experience, you'll buy 3 or 4 of those knockoffs before one RaceFace wears out. Those knockoffs will start wearing out and skipping right at the bottom...
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    Anyone gone from 2.8 to 2.6 rear, back to 2.8?

    I think the Decoy comes with the shock a bit under tuned for mid-stroke support. This leads to pedal strikes or a harsh ride. Once I replaced my shock with a DVO Topaz, things were much much better. Since the Decoy has a progressive suspension, setting up the shock with a more linear spring...
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    Shimano assist consistency

    The system has a torque sensor and does adjust power based on your effort. It's a little annoying, I agree. However, when this starts, drop the power level to eco. If you are in eco, try using the etune app to lower the level in eco to mid or low. It's possible there might be something wrong...
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    For Sale 2020 SRAM/Avid 2 sets of Code/Guide RE Scintered Brake Pads: £25

    They should read Wet + Powerful + LOUD (until heated properly) I run these in the winter/rain days. If it's even remotely clear, I go DiscoBrakes CopperFree. Half the price, more power...actually almost too much grab
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    UPS lost my new Rail

    while this seems like a good idea on paper, in reality, it's a nightmare. Software updates, boot errors, and all the things associated with it for a very small percentage of the total shipments. Are you willing to miss a day's ride with your buddies because your bike did not work because of...
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    E bike not allowed!!!

    I was traveling and riding new places with limited trailforks data on their site. I added new trails in the parks with a few routes also. As the creator, you can check the ebike or no ebike box. It's nothing official.
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    UPS lost my new Rail

    I think the UPS guy is out riding it...................... Sorry it got lost since it's hard to get any new bike now a days
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    Protecting the motor from water when Decoy is on car bike rack

    I too have had no issues driving in pouring rain with my Decoy on a hitch rack. I do take the battery off and clean the contacts after a long drive in the rain
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    Rear brake gets harder sometimes when riding

    This issue is with servo lever. My m8000 had this issue and Shimano USA warrantied them without even questioning it. Since then, I have had no changing bite point problems. Just make sure you have your email receipt when you purchased them. It's a 2 yrs warranty in the US.
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    Turbo Levo Worldwide warranty extension on all 2019/2020 Levo and 2020 Kenevo

    They were already great with warranty support (at least in the US). Now, they appear to just be going recall. The Levo is a good trail bike if you don't consider motor issues. The suspension is easy to overwhelm, but that is subjective depending on how you ride. Glad to see Spec stepping up.
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    No watertight buttons !

    I got trapped out in a big rain and hail storm riding on my decoy. I never had any issues with the assist selector buttons being wet.
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    Decoy love was great while it lasted....

    I was referring to the OP injured here. glad the bike is ok. No one likes a sick duck. You just take it easy and get well.
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    Decoy love was great while it lasted....

    i hope you get better fast but What about the bike? is it ok?