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  1. coggbike

    Best shock pump?

    After a lot of research, I went with this: RockShox High-Pressure Bicycle Shock Pump, 300 PSI Max. I think it works great. I agree with the folks who comment about digital - accurate, easy to read. I also believe it’s a fallacy that you loose air when you remove the pump on just about any...
  2. coggbike

    2020 Kenovo - Full wrap and Hope bling!

    Absolutely beautiful!! A work of art!!!
  3. coggbike

    Washing stand?

    Or perhaps slightly easier (and the most useful information I’ve read on another site). Put an allen wrench in one of the Allen bolt heads on the sprocket. The crank stops against the allen wrench when you turn the crank backwards and turns the sprocket.
  4. coggbike

    Washing the bike is it worth it?

    Thanks @kafkastan, made my day!! Truly glad “The Cogg Method” works so well for you. I also store my Levo on the stand with the cross bar in my garage. Keeps it off the floor and out of the way. And a nice, clean, new Levo looks like a work of art on display hanging from the stand...
  5. coggbike

    Washing the bike is it worth it?

    Great video, with actual numbers to support the conclusions. Thanks for the link. This can help a lot of people feel comfortable with a topic that most information out there is urban legend.
  6. coggbike

    Washing the bike is it worth it?

    Here are a few pics on the stand. Not on the rack, but the position of the Thule bar is the same whether on the stand or the rack. Yes, the dropper is fully extended, and as you can see from the close up pic, the hardware of the dropper sits perfectly on the Thule bar end. I also included a...
  7. coggbike

    Washing the bike is it worth it?

    I’ve been using the top tube adapter for my Levo since I got it in early September. The one I have is a Thule and it’s rated at 50 lb, so just enough, though I’m sure there’s some buffer in the rating. It’s quite good quality, and I like it better than the Yakima one I’ve been using on my...
  8. coggbike

    Washing the bike is it worth it?

    Haha! What’s funny is I almost said “I know, I’m a genius” at the end of the post, but thought it was too much :-) It did take me a while to think of using the cross bar. I got the stand for Christmas, but despite using the cross bar every time I put the Levo on my bike rack, I kept thinking...
  9. coggbike

    Washing the bike is it worth it?

    As others have said, definitely no clamping on the carbon frame. I use a top tube adapter to hold my bike on the bike stand. In addition to balancing the load front and back, it also makes it easier to lift and clamp onto the stand. You can lift it onto the opened clamp in its horizontal...
  10. coggbike

    My Levo Leaning on Stuff

    Super fun afternoon. Cupertino, California. Two Experts. The bikes, not the riders 😃
  11. coggbike

    Best brakes for E bike?

    I must ride so much slower than all you guys. Until I got my 2020 Levo Expert, I had a 20 year old FSR Expert with V-Brakes that I was still quite content with. And I’m more than happy with the stopping power, modulation, etc. with the stock brakes on the new Levo. Guess I need to start...
  12. coggbike

    My Levo Leaning on Stuff

    Two peaks in Fremont Older Open Space Preserve, Cupertino California, minutes from my house. Surprisingly dry as a bone just a couple of days ago.
  13. coggbike

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night (ride)! Got a Park Tool repair stand for Christmas. Woo Hoo. Now, how to get a 48 lb Levo lifted onto it by myself, hmmmm.
  14. coggbike

    Free Beer!! 1Up Bike Rack Owners!

    Hi All. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. @CatButt Sorry to hear about the issue on your trip. But it does say something that you would still likely purchase a 1Up again. As far as the bouncing forwards and backwards, do you mean in the direction of travel of the vehicle...
  15. coggbike

    Free Beer!! 1Up Bike Rack Owners!

    OK beer drinkers, now that I have your attention :-) But really, there is free beer involved. My friend and I are both looking to buy new bike racks to go with our new Levos that we got recently. I did some preliminary research and narrowed it down to the Thule T2 Pro XT, Thule EasyFold XT...
  16. coggbike

    Los Gatos Turkey Ride

    I’m in your area. Wish I’d known about it. Looks awesome!! Is it an annual event?
  17. coggbike

    Gut and no butt equal shorts always sliding down

    Haha, when I saw the title of the thread I immediately thought suspenders!
  18. coggbike

    Just say no to integrated batteries

    😃 I’m not kidding, he literally went straight to the bottle cage with his bottle. I didn’t have one on my old bike so he’s never seen one before. He also loves riding over (and into) curbs, rocks, roots, whatever he can, on his 2 wheel balance bike. A born mountain biker!
  19. coggbike

    Just say no to integrated batteries

    Internal for me. 2020 Levo. Stealth for riding by park rangers! And I think it looks great. Plus my toddler said the bottle cage was critical 😃
  20. coggbike

    Norco Sight VLT2 or Specialized Levo Comp?

    Was really tending toward a Sight VLT over a 2020 Levo given the specs. Then test rode the Sight and couldn’t handle the motor noise. Also only one Norco dealer any where near me. Lots of Spec dealers. Ended up with a 2020 Levo Expert and absolutely love it.