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    StUnlocker and Decoy battery health. Does it work on the free addition?

    I've had my Decoy since Jan 2020. I've put 1500+ miles on it. In April (I think) I used StUnlocker to check things and it said battery health at 99% (0 Cycles). I thought with limited daylight, winter weather and other factors I had not ridden that much. Fast forward to Sept 1st. It...
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    What data can I get wirelessly from my Shimano e8000 motor/electronics?

    Specialized has set the standard on data available, but what does shimano offer? I have a Garmin and I'd love to get some data besides the basic cadence, speed and such. Any power data? Maybe an assist percentage? I have a e7000 display on my Decoy. It works to tell me the power is on...
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    Clunky noise on high speed small bumps for the 2019 base Dec0y

    I just got a 2019 base Decoy. You have to love those yr end closeouts. I've come from all externally routed mtb bikes. The front fork is a RockShox Yari RC The issue: When I go over smaller, chattery rocks and bumps at high speed, I hear this moderate clunking. It's around the front of the...