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    Touch up paint What is this colour?

    I can't help re the paint apart from suggesting emailing commencal. I can say that it's really sad that it's come to this. When you are healed there will be more new and tempting bikes out if you decide to get another one.
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Yes after loads of research I went for the crud xl, they must have released this the minute I pressed buy. I'm not bitter, no really I'm not 🙄 wise words, alas a bit too late for me but hopefully others can benefit
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Crud XL front, RRP proguard rear and RRP enduroguard 'delicately adjusted' to fill the gap left by the proguard, because you can't have too many mud guards or zipties right ? I need to trim a bit more off the enduroguard but it's never going to be pretty.
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    How to switch on?

    This is what it sounds like.
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    Answered Shock pump issue

    He was originally discussing Front RockShox Silver Judy. It seems to me at least, that a very approx starting point is your weight in kg for psi for forks and for rear shocks your weight in lbs for psi. My fox bouncy bits are around this ballpark, forks a bit less and shock a bit more but I...
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    Can I pick your brains again?

    I'd forgotten this until you mentioned it but we used to do this !
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    Has anyone bought an Ebike without riding one ?

    I bought my Commencal meta power without having ridden any ebike. It was and is better than I imagined, I just love emtbing
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    anybody tried these Funkier knee protectors?

    Just ordered a pair of these bad boys, £50 humvee trouser 2 from I really like my humvee 2 shorts so thought I'd try these
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    An area 4 times the size of Germany :eek:, stay safe Aussie Bro's
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    You do have a way with words but this may be peak Zimmer :LOL:
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    SRAM Brake Scream !

    [I waQUOTE="MrTeno2U, post: 117505, member: 4835"] This would be messy but maybe the tape would serve the same purpose, if some was placed on the back of the pads between the contact points. Used this on cars for years to solve the same problem. I was wondering if a thin smear of copperslip...
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    SRAM Brake Scream !

    Interesting (y)
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    SRAM gx e 11 speed shifter

    same 42mm measurement on my Commencal SHIFTERS SRAM GX EAGLE, E-Click, 1 x 12 sp
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    Shimano/SRAM 12 speed compatibility [now a 10 speed thread]

    How to set up SRAM Eagle - MBR are you setting the b tension whilst sat on the bike ? approx 4 min into that video ?
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    Upper Body Armour - Shirt - Full. Troy lee or Leatt

    I'm getting an email notification when available on their website, did you buy up all their stock ?
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    Upper Body Armour - Shirt - Full. Troy lee or Leatt

    I don't think any of the foam types will offer the same protection of the hardshell types. That new fox looks pretty sleek for what it is. Another foam type option, looks well ventilated: PE02375 ULTRALIGHT 2.0 BODYGUARD - Ufo Plast
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    Mud guards to protect rear linkage

    I've looked into this but don't know what's best. I've got a 2019 Commencal Meta Power 29er. I want something to protect the rear linkages and shock and not bothered about me getting dirty. What would be ideal is the sicomtb guard but that's levo specific. I've decided on the RRP for the front.
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    Fox 36 Upgrade - 2019 Turbo Levo Carbon Comp

    Wow, small world ! I can ride to the Beamish's mx track from my house on my emtb
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    Fox 36 Upgrade - 2019 Turbo Levo Carbon Comp

    OMG my dad used to race an ex-works Greeves mx (scambler as they were called then) bought from his friend Graham Beamish, which is where my love for all things off road started