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  1. Jared74cornwall

    Let's see your cubes

    Beast of a bike love it
  2. Jared74cornwall

    New Cube 160 Action Team owner

    I also made the right purchase its an absolute weopon youl love it
  3. Jared74cornwall

    Someone nicked my bike. Help me choose a new one? - I need HUGE (really)

    Sorry to hear that mate thieving c##ts.. im also 6ft 7 and have a 23inch cube acid hybrid 29er brilliant bike hilds my weight and size well good luck
  4. Jared74cornwall

    Hey guys! Please help me choose my first ebike!

    hi i would check stocks as im afraid to say that pretty much all sold out everywere ive looked high Nd low for a freind as inmanaged to buy the last 22inch 160 stereo action team 2 months ago......still hasnt arriverd im told august and because of this covid 19 there wont be a 2121 model due to...
  5. Jared74cornwall

    Longest ride whats yours?

  6. Jared74cornwall

    Let's see your cubes

    Looking forward to it mate ive waited 6 weeks so far here soon im told
  7. Jared74cornwall

    Let's see your cubes

    Cleaned every ride. :) 22inch stereo action team on the way this week:)
  8. Jared74cornwall

    Bosch KIOX retrofit
  9. Jared74cornwall

    Bosch KIOX retrofit

    Checked on ebay earlier kits going for around £200
  10. Jared74cornwall

    Let's see your cubes

    Cube acid hybrid 29er - godrevy lighthouse in the distance
  11. Jared74cornwall

    Bike warranty

    Its a no brainer a? The shop were 8 got mine is the same distance i went to my local bike shop yesterday they said they would do the warrantt work but charge me thennid have to get it back off bosch . I will try and get hold of bosch and see what they say.. ive just had a motor changed by...
  12. Jared74cornwall

    Bike warranty

    Thanks very much for that . I do have a local bosch dealer il definitely contact them if my motor goes again ive just bought a fox dropframe helmet from Australia its the only place i coukd find that still has them in stock thanks again jared
  13. Jared74cornwall

    Bike warranty

    Hello all Woukd any of you no if its possible to swap your warranty to a LBS? Having bought both of mine from two differant shops in wales and im down in cornwall .. only because the models i was after were only in stock in these shops? Thankyou
  14. Jared74cornwall

    Bosch Gen4 gets more power, is faster than Turbo Levo in drag race

    Book it in soon as then as the update isnt out until end of july it can only be done by bosch dealer
  15. Jared74cornwall

    Longest ride whats yours?

  16. Jared74cornwall

    Longest ride whats yours?

    Y3s its very good tbh i use 2 batterys one usually last about 40 miles but im 6ft7 and 20 stone
  17. Jared74cornwall

    Do you polish your bike?

    I always wash mine after as it really helps to run smooth the next time you get on for a ride there not cheap and prevention and generally just looking after it will save you in the long run:)i use bike cleaner from poundland great stuff but like rocking horse shit then apply GT85 Sylicone...
  18. Jared74cornwall

    Longest ride whats yours?

    Thats good going especially 25% battery left
  19. Jared74cornwall

    Longest ride whats yours?

    Good effort in this heat il head out tomoro looking forward to it
  20. Jared74cornwall

    Advice... New 2020 Levo arrived damaged from TREDZ

    Yes they always ship in there own boxes they dont check them before they send them though