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  1. Newbie observations a.k.a. stating the obv's

    Its actually more difficult than you think to retrain your legs, I tend to be about 85rpm cadence which when I bought my first motor was a shock as it topped out at about 75rpm ( TSDZ2 ) and it took weeks to learn where the motor runs out of puff. I had to think more like a diesel car than a...
  2. Newbie observations a.k.a. stating the obv's

    Try to lower your cadence a bit if you are a regular analogue rider, you are getting into the upper limit of the best motor rpm if you're spinning higher than say 85 rpm, the motor will hit a brick wall ( to do with the way the motor works ) which means you are fighting not only against the...
  3. Newbie observations a.k.a. stating the obv's

    Doesn't seem to work out on EBikes as thought, I use almost the same rates on analogue or Ebike, but the distance and fun factor are way different :)
  4. ok bit early but 2021 levo predictions ?

    Single speed fixed chain drive, 10 speed internal gearbox / motor combo and electro internal sprag clutch would give you all the regenerative power you want, the software to organise the speed control ( if the speed is more than the pedaling output on comes the regenerative braking ) and when...
  5. Chilterns riding?

    Never really taken much notice about how much altitude we have around the area, went out for a cool 1.20 hr ride late today, lowest was circa 100ft and highest 650ft with about 1400ft in a 12 mile ride of not really looking for climbs, more a XC ride. Out on the Chilterns proper nearer...
  6. E-Bike in Catalonian Pyrenees

    Cool Vid, there's only one thing that maybe a problem, he looks a lot fitter, leaner and about 20 years younger than me, ah well I guess that will allow an Ebike but wheres all the charging points :)
  7. E-Bike in Catalonian Pyrenees

    Mmmm yes the high altitude may be an issue. I had wondered about doing the route in 2 hits of say week - 10 days each and using a bit of spare time to see a bit more ( its very different to North France and South Spain where the Brits tend to go ) and enjoy it more. Perhaps park up the bikes at...
  8. E-Bike in Catalonian Pyrenees

    Mmmm interesting 650 miles and 85000 ft of elevation on the first one. Could I do 65 miles and 8000ft average of climb over 10 days, probably not on an analogue but doable on an Ebike.
  9. E-Bike in Catalonian Pyrenees

    I worked in Andorra for a while and there was rumours of a walking / cycling trail from the Med to the Atlantic, do you know of any such trails and if so is there any websites where we can pick up gpx files for the trail, its on one of my bucket lists and it looks like my business is going to be...
  10. Chilterns riding?

    I do quite a bit of single track in and around the Marlow, Hambledon, High Wycombe, areas, some really nice trails with a lot of altitude if you want it.
  11. E-Bike in Catalonian Pyrenees

    What is the little mapping app that creates the vids ?
  12. E-mtb dystopian future riding 2021

    Looking forward to
  13. Do you ride your EMTB with people on acoustics?

    Depends on your group and time of year. As a group we are all in our 60’s or approaching but have different work roles, some are pen pushers, others on the more manual trades or some with loads of time to ride 3 times a week, which means there’s a wide variance of fitness. Summer riding it...
  14. Weather. WTF.

    Look at yearly averages rather than a single month in a year and then look at decade trends, if you do that then you tend to see spikes of say rainfall, followed by drier than normal periods, which means a yearly average not changing to much. If you remember back to last autumn it was...
  15. Bike shop visit

    When the £10K levo is broken down in the desert, the £ 1.00 bottle of water starts to look pretty good.
  16. Weather. WTF.

    Sorry I'm a mud sadist, love it, would play in it all day long, just like we used to do as a kid, why the consensus of the liking of smooth hard pack trails, which any body including your non riding partner can do, when instead every trail whether its up or down, becomes a technical trail. So...
  17. How far is your nearest trail ?

    Spoilt, virtually on my back door some stunning single track and Bridleways in the Chilterns, England just 20 miles from London. Just enough elevation ( 200 m ) and long enough to do all the exploring you want, who needs trail parks.
  18. Motor Comparison and a few motors you might not know about.

    And something the rest of teh world outside of Europe seems to be using, pity theres not a motor mount standard so all these alternatives could be slotted in.
  19. Motor Comparison and a few motors you might not know about.

    And to just add another of a whole plethora of alternative engines arriving on the scene Lightest ebike kit
  20. Motor Comparison and a few motors you might not know about.

    Interesting webpage with some comparison on EBike motors and a few piccies of cut away engines. Motors compared Note the Ploini E-P3's weight at 2.8kgs, Spesh may not have the accolades for long as it will put out 500W, worthwhile going to the website for a nosey E-P3 - Polini Motori