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  1. TimVW

    2020 deliveries

    Could anyone, from experience, comment on the likely delivery dates for 2020 bikes please? I’m on the search for my first emtb, but unsure whether to consider waiting for the 2020 releases, or go for it now. Not helped by the fact that I have a birthday coming up in mid August and manufacturers...
  2. TimVW

    Canyon Breakaway sale

    As posted in the newbies section, I am looking to get an emtb as a route to getting back to some level of fitness after surgery for cancer and looking at the various makes, some of the Models in the Breakaway sale seem to offer really good value. I have a sizing question though. The PPS...
  3. TimVW

    Hello and some rather specific questions

    Hello all Not sure whether to put this here or in General. I have just signed up having read the posts for a little while, sorry for the long first post. I have some rather specific questions having recently had surgery for bowel cancer ( I am being specific as it gives an indication of the...