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    Pic of the Day

    Subconsciously I read 'Drunken Bacon' the two go hand in hand
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    An Open Letter to all Mountain Bikers....

    My ebike goes much faster than 25km/h, you just have to find a steeper hill to ride down. Riding fast on the flat is just boring and and you should get a road bike and some lycra, flying uphill off road at 25km\h has me laughing like a school kid again. I suppose it's all about perspective.
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    Pic of the Day

    Ride between the Tumbudla Twins out the back of our place. Bit rocky towards the saddle between the two riding north to south.
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    Pic of the Day

    Winter in Queensland... almost too hard to take.
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    Do you polish your bike?

    Same as above but use a compressor to blow the excess water off especially the chain but then, every half a dozen washes or so, I use a silicone spray onto a rag and then wipe down everything (seat and grips an exception) including the rims and tyres. Brings it all back up to looking like new...
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Obviously we all love 🕺the DISCO/BRAKE connection, some brake manufacture is still stuck in the 70's, as are many of us!
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    Pedals and crank arms for less pedal strikes!

    Pretty sure the pins just push in, haven't lost any in nearly 12 months living with the pedals now if that's any help. They are the thinnest pedals I've come across, was going to go down the short crank arm track too, but found I had less pedal strikes the more I rode the bike. Still get the...
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    Pedals and crank arms for less pedal strikes!

    These are nice thin pedals and have been great for me (Entity PP15 Sealed Bearing Alloy Flat Pedals) on sale here in OZ at the moment for only $30. I think with time you do learn to assess the terrain better as well and that will also help with those pedal strikes.
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    Aussie Section

    Excellent Rob, thanks for this, ride most Sundays out in the Glasshouse Mts if anyone looking for a ride somewhere different to Daisy Hills or the Jinker Track around Brissy. And on a personal note thanks for sorting out the t-shirts for me, any chance I can subscribe to help out but I don't...
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    eBike Insurance for Aussies

    Got one of those racks and IMHO they are the bees knees. Got it 2nd hand off gumtree, it was like brand new, for less than half that price and I'm sure I saw them at 99 bikes for under $500 so shop around
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    Walk mode - does it work?

    Yeah ours are both 2019 models with the 8000 motor, is yours an 8000 as well?
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    Walk mode - does it work?

    No we both have Meridas 160 900e
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    WOW, that’s some fantastic riding, makes my video look like kindergarten stuff, 80% of that looked pretty scary to me. I guess it’s what you get used too. Where abouts in the world is that bike park as might have to put it on the bucket list once all this corona stuff settles down. They must...
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    SoCal rider checking in

    Great to hear ccwilli3, nice bike, send us in some pics once you get it and let us know your first thoughts after having a ride or 2. My guess is you will love it.😃
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    Replacement motor skid plate

    I built one for the 'Better Halves' bike, for a Shimano motor, but the principal is the same, using a plastic chopping board. It's held on with a couple of large cable ties and self adhesive Velcro tape on the down tube and under the motor. Knocked it up in a couple of hours cutting it with a...