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  1. Little-known reason why Specialized is the only real choice for fitness tracking...

    Hence the question, I can see this for top road bike rider that can measure performance in a lab, but an ebike is a bit......
  2. Little-known reason why Specialized is the only real choice for fitness tracking...

    But surly if it’s only a measure of effort you can only measure improvement if the exercise performed is constant otherwise what are you comparing to?
  3. Little-known reason why Specialized is the only real choice for fitness tracking...

    I’m not exactly sure it’s a pure measurement of performance? How are you measuring the variables? So you may use more watts but be slower, depending on same hill, same conditions, same weight of bike, same physical condition, same gear selection. You may actually be faster. Define your...
  4. SRAM Eagle 12-Speed on 2018 Turbo Levo?

    On my normal bike I always found 12 speed a compromise to find the right gear, I much prefer the spread of 11 speed and can get up every hill with that range . What are you climbing to need the size of that huge last ring on an eagle cassettes?
  5. Fantastic new superlube ?????

    Na, it doesn’t even give the bottle size.
  6. Bad backs & emtbs

    All I will say is don’t lift your bike with a bad back, caused my L4 to slip into my leg nerve and my leg is still partially dead.
  7. Bad backs & emtbs

    Felling brave Steve I await the response from @Gary 😀😎
  8. Focus jam 2 servicing

    Not sure I did mine and je James swapped the battery on warranty.
  9. Stock tyre swap

    You could but they will be a bit square, I got some 30mm rims for winter and put 2.5 DHFs on them.
  10. Admission.....

    I’ve been looking at others but the Focus just fits me so well, great on technical climbs, good enough on the decents I do and feels rock solid, fancy a look at the new Whyte when it’s in the shop but it will have to be outstanding for me the trade the Focus.
  11. Strava Segments / How to copy non ebike segments?

    Strava on an ebike, one day you could do a segment on no power, then eco, then trial, then boost not exactly a measure of performance. I do every ride in private mode and subscribe to VeloViewer , for £10 a year I can see milage per year and all of my data, i'm only interested in my total smile...
  12. How was your ride, in one picture and one line?

    Not been out for a week locked in Whaley Bridge leaky dam
  13. 2.8in Tyres on the E-Sommet?

    2..8 Rekon are nice for summer cross country if you want fast rolling, winter etc I go back to 2.5 DHF.
  14. Ebikes and keeping HR down

    At 59 I’m the other way than @Gary , all mine are on Peak District intense short climbs where I reach max for a short period. most I can do in eco and trail when it gets tough, I couldn’t do the max rate climbing in boost as they are to technical. if I look at my veloviewer data I average about...
  15. 5 minute job i thought

    You will enjoy the new power, it’s worth the effort......