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  1. Orbea launch aluminium WILD FS

    I do like the look of that bike......
  2. Article Best of 2020 eBikes

    Good list, be nice to see how the Whyte adds up.
  3. Highest Mileage Steps E8000 Motor

    Mines done 1895 miles in the Peak District without any signs of motor issues.
  4. Remove all adverts from the forum for £5 a year

    Done, I dont like the old method and to many people slagged off people that didn’t do it, the site needs a large base to indicate to manufactures that you have a large enough user base to warrant the invite to product launches and bike loans.
  5. So Rob wants us to chat with pretty girls from all over the world.

    I support the site by reading the ads, but if it’s members only and pay per view c’ya
  6. So Rob wants us to chat with pretty girls from all over the world.

    Not sure the wife would like that, although I might, wonder what the cost is?
  7. Focus Jam2 lights flashing

    I usually get a bit of a blue pulse for a while but never seen it on the display, I try and keep water away from the bars, does the bike have the connection cover fitted over the charge point?
  8. Focus Jam 2

    Big mudhugger on mine, won’t stop you getting covered in mud though, protects the frame The Focus picture thread and mods made - EMTB Forums
  9. E8000 display doesn't always power up first time?

    On a focus that’s quite normal, if the bike has been turned off for a long period you have to press for a few seconds, release and press again.
  10. Punishment ideas please!

    So I assume you were a saint and never did anything as a kid? You don’t do anything he’s just doing what kids do...... By now he knows your unhappy that’s enough.....
  11. Hello from Derbyshire. New Levo owner.

    Close then I’m in Whaley Bridge
  12. Jam2 frame problems?

    No issues with my frame , well designed, well painted good welding. Nice compact suspension design, charging point up out of harms way and plenty of room for a water bottle. The Jam2 is an overall nice trail bike within a good price range. Guess he's trying to push something he wants to get...
  13. Focus owners; check your Novatec rear axle tightness!

    Wonder if that’s why I’ve never had issues as mine has Deore hubs, and my winter wheels Mavic.
  14. Hard tail with 2:stroke engine

    Saw a young kid on a old hard tail with one of these on it.... 80cc Motorised Motorized Bicycle Push Bike 2-Stroke Motor Petrol Gas Engine Kit | eBay