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  1. Sam2 Shock options

    Yes it worked flawlessly on the few trails that i got onto while away, loose rocky single track, with some steep rock sections. Def felt a more stable feeling rear, as much as limited testing. Unfortunately i wasn't healed up as much as i hoped and had to take more time off the bike since...
  2. Sam2 Shock options

    Sorry unfortunately i haven't been able to ride! Had a small surgery and so been off the bike, very sad! But the op was to get me riding fingers crossed i get to test in spain about 2 weeks from now :-)
  3. Sam2 Shock options

    Looking better with the new decal on the fork :-)
  4. Sam2 Shock options

    It does really look good in the flesh, helps fill that burly frame! Got some new decals for the front fork coming, the old were scratched up anyway. Custom coloured to help the shock blend. Will post a full shot when they've been swapped. Unfortunately I can't ride at the mo due to a medical...
  5. Lets see your bike pics

    Shock upgrade, 4th time lucky! Need to adjust my cargo space now tho due to valving, before I managed to squeeze in bottle and tools.
  6. Sam2 Shock options

    Success!! Thanks to DenyeR for the tip on the Öhlins, went for a TTX Air, can't wait to try her out with this! BTW DPX2 does not fit, high speed lever contacts frame when in Open mode
  7. Sam2 Shock options

    Hey thanks for the info, I had not even realised there was an Öhlins air shock! Had a look and the TTX Air does come in a 230x65, and would prob fit! Quite pricey tho at €885. Would certainly look dope onboard. CC DBair CS and Inline, I checked drawings and approx 70ish mm diameter the air can...
  8. Sam2 Shock options

    Yep a superdelux RCT, or even Ultimate, def on the radar, will be next try unless i get other feedback, cheers.
  9. Sam2 Shock options

    Hi guys, so after another rear shock upgrade not fitting, asking if anyone had success getting a shock with better tuning options fitted? Looking for more compression adjustment as a minimum. There may be another thread, but I can't find anything Sam2 specific regarding this. I have tried...
  10. Snapped lower shock mounting bolt on Sam2

    Out of interest, had you checked bolt torque at any point during those 1000km? I have recently pulled mine at 600km and not found any issue, wear or contamination, in bolt or bushing set. Did you remove the shock at any point? I checked my torque after 100, and again at 400. Shock bolts are...
  11. Lets see your bike pics

    Love the drifter look! is that a custom crank plug/endbolt in there??
  12. Sam2 X2 Float fitting... fail

    Hi guys, so I have been looking at upgrading the rear shock on my Sam2 to give some compression adjustment. After seeing a post on Focus' facebook page with an X2 Float installed I picked up an unused Performance Elite on eBay. Unfortunately the shock in the pick must have been an older 2018...
  13. Lets see your bike pics

    Focus Sam2 with Hope upgrades, no cargo in this photo. Will update after shock upgrade.
  14. Washing your ebike

    Here is a link containing info explaining it's use, came out of DH racing mechanics : 10 winter mountain bike hacks - MBR I'll prob be buying from here: RFX Race Open Cell Polyurethane Sump Foam (black) Skid And Bash Plate from Dirtbikebitz
  15. Washing your ebike

    Glad to hear, still not sure wear it came from but gonna be careful with water around the headset. Might try and get a new headset seal from Acros.