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    Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC 625 Action Team... great value for money?

    Great idea, I will of course sell you my new bike for 50% of the new price. Please mail me at [email protected] and we can proceed with the sale. :D
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    Heavyweight looking for suited EMTB

    Hi Lero, I really hope this post does not come across negatively, as my advice here is intended to be genuine. First of all, congrats on making the decision to get fitter and take up a cool activity like mountain biking, it's one of the best ways there is to experience the outdoors. In your...
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    Motor failures: Am I making a mistake buying an eMTB?

    It's not 'one bad deed', as though one man did something a little silly. It's a bad design choice that caused thousands of people a lot of stress, lost time and inconvenience, and possibly put people in danger if the motor failed at a bad time. Reputations DESERVE to be impacted by such things...
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    Motor failures: Am I making a mistake buying an eMTB?

    There is an overwhelmingly greater number of Specialized motor failure stories... to the point where they now have a reputation for it on every bike forum I have read. That doesn't happen for no reason or just on "hearsay". The fact people are posting in this thread about multiple motor failures...
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    What emtb full sus under 3k would you buy

    Ok, you clearly still have absolutely no idea what it means and your insecurity has now made you get abusive. Lets move on then and simply agree to disagree like gentlemen and I'll do us both a favour and put you directly on my ignore list, never to be seen or responded to again. :)
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    Motor failures: Am I making a mistake buying an eMTB?

    Ok I was mistaken with the ownership, it was a significant join venture which also tells you something as they would not do any significant joint venture that didn't meet their own quality standards. The rest of my post still stands.
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    What emtb full sus under 3k would you buy

    It appears you don't know what the term "strict budget" actually means. In a financial context it means you set yourself a spending limit and stick to it. It doesn't mean you spend a low amount of money. You can have a strict budget when buying a Ferrari. There, hope it's clearer for you now. :)...
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    What emtb full sus under 3k would you buy

    People on a strict budget that's on the lower end of Emtb pricing shouldn't care too much about aesthetics... just about getting the best spec for the money.
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    Motor failures: Am I making a mistake buying an eMTB?

    Ignore motors for a second and just look at the manufactuters. Bosch are one of the worlds top engineering companies. Their power tools are among the best and most reliable in the world. Bosch are also the owners of Siemens who are a name synonymous with engineering excellence... pretty much...
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    Is There A No-Brainer Upgrade for eMTB

    A good and comfortable saddle...
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    Backpack recommendations?

    Hi guys just another short update with regards to the EVOC backpack I reviewed above. This thing is basically glued to my back every time I go out riding. It is one of the best pieces of bag-based engineering I have ever bought and I love it dearly. It has plenty of space for a day trip, the...
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    Jam2 6.8 nine derestricted with speedbox 3.0

    I am sure you are a nice chap and you can try and justify the situation however you want, but the fact is that the EU legal limit for EMTB's is 25km/h and what you are doing on roads with a 35km/h assist is illegal. If you ever have an accident as a result of this then you are basically screwed...
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    How’s the 160 TM on a long ride?

    What do you thnk the difference would be that would make the 160 more uncomfortable? Maybe you can expand on why you think it's uncomfortable?
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    How tall are you and what size frame do you have?

    178cm, 81cm IL and 70KG... I use a Medium frame (Action Team 140 HPC) and to be honest it feels like a large of non-ebikes that I have had. Any bigger and it would be too big.
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    Unanswered As a fellow U.K. emtb rider ... I have COVID 19.

    "doing a Network rebuild"... "pretty much what I posted"... Ye gads. However considering your post was deleted it looks like you need to suck it up and get over it, not us. :p