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    Ride out picture thread

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    Kenevo max chainring

    Hi. The stock ring is threaded so if you change you probably need to buy a set of nuts and bolts. I needed to grid about 1mm from each nut to make it tighten enough to hold the ring
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    Shorter Crank Arms on Levo / Kenevo?

    Hi. When I ordered them from Miranda you can select the fitment. I think it had FB-for Brose in shop description
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    Kenevo max chainring

    Surprising there is so much difference there in clearance
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    Shorter Crank Arms on Levo / Kenevo?

    Hi. Got them direct from the Miranda shop online ( Took a while as was a bit more pricey
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    Shorter Crank Arms on Levo / Kenevo?

    Hi. Think they will but the Q factor not shown, prob q16. I ordered these and returned them as I found a better Q factor from Miranda Delta 155mm Q8s
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    2018 Specialized Levo and Kenevo info thread and FAQ

    Mine did that. All springs have coils are painted together at ends from new so bound to do this once they get some use. A bit annoying. Bugged me a bit too
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    Kenevo max chainring

    Hi. Installed a Hope 36T 104 Retainer Ring on an ‘ 18 medium Kenevo today. No clearance at all without sag on suspension. So close that it’s probably down to manufacturing variation/ tolerances between brands of chainring and differences in bike bearings. I carefully filed about 0.5mm off each...
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    Levo / Kenevo Range Extender thread

    Recon the small one would fit a medium kenevo? Guessing the bigger bottle won’t
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    Broken Trail Remote on my Turbo Levo 2018: Where to find a replacement?

    Hi Dave. It’s a 2-2.5 mm key from memory. East to remove once grips are off
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    Kenevo Spring 457 ft Lb

    Hi. I have a spring I removed from the Kenevo when adjusting for my weight. It’s the standard rate from a Medium - 18074-10 457/80. Good condition. The springs come painted together between the coils at each end of the spring, this has separated as per the photos. Looking for something towards...
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    Kenevo Expert carbon rims?

    What do people think about the standard wheels? I managed to bend my rim by trying to run too low a pressure on my 1st big ride out. Been thinking of replacing the wheel but not sure if I should just go like for like. Carbon can’t dent at least
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    Specialized Turbo Levo 504wh Battery FOR SALE

    Why selling? Did you get a range extender bottle battery
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    Kenevo Öhlins spring change

    Thats one of seals from the shock upper pivot. There are two of those. One on each side of the pivot bolt with a thin plastic washer on each side of the pivot bolt