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    For Sale 2018 Mavic crossmax 29er rims (will fit 27.5 with current tyres): £150+ postage

    Bike / Product Year: 2018 Manufacturer: Mavic crossmax Model: 29er rims (will fit 27.5 with current tyres) Asking Price: £150+ postage Description: Mavic crossmax 29er boost XD Driver. These wheels were built to go on my kenevo when I lived close enough to work too commute. This is no longer...
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    Unanswered Consumer advice please.

    you got it. kenevo :rolleyes: Ok, I think my plan of attack is if I get another failure with the same fault then the "not fit for purpose" route is looking like the most logical. I bumped into a guy at my new local spot riding a kenevo and he was warned by the shop not to jump with it as it...
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    Unanswered Consumer advice please.

    Hi, I couldn't find any concrete answer on the citizens advice page, so thought I'd drop this bomb here....... If my E-Bike motor fails again I'll be on my 4th motor. Each one previous failing with exactly the same issue. Would I be entitled to refuse a replacement and get a refund or has that...
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    For Sale 2019 WANTED KENEVO BATTERY Specialized Kenevo: ???

    Bike / Product Year: 2019 Manufacturer: WANTED KENEVO BATTERY Specialized Model: Kenevo Asking Price: ??? Description: Wanted kenevo battery. Also interested in faulty or damaged batteries.