Ads Manager

The world's largest electric mountain bike community. Established in January 2018 and growing rapidly, EMTB Forums has circa 65k unique monthly visitors. Predominantly UK, USA and German visitors, male between 25-55 years of age. An excellent way to get your brand in front of a highly targeted audience.

The EMTB Forums Advertising Manager allows you to view pricing and advert locations. You can manage everything here if you prefer, creating your own artwork and uploading it. If you would like you can add add your own code to create responsive adverts, or we can support in displaying different ad sizes for different devices.

Homepage is exclusive ad space, no rotations.
All other ad slots are limited to 5 advertisers. Advert impressions, when all full, will be displayed at a random intervals shared between the five ad slots. So with 5 advertisers your ad will show 20% of the time. Contact [email protected] for exclusive ad options.

If you are a brand and wish to be represented on EMTB Forums through posts engagement, this is charged at £50 per month. This gives 'Trader' status and will allow you to post, promote and respond to our growing forum community. To do this, simply click on your username / avatar and 'Account Upgrade'. This automated process will allow you to upgrade your account to Trader and give you the appropriate trader badge.

Please check out our currently available advertisement packages.