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Camelbak KUDU 10L Protector Backpack

Camelbak KUDU 10L Protector Backpack
RRP €200
Score (out of 10): 10

Review: With a couple of others, I was one very very lucky git and won this as part of Rob’s Strava Lockdown Club. I’d already won as far as I was concerned, as it had given me the drive to get out and ride when I wasn’t in the best frame of mind.

I already have a selection of backpacks and waist packs but this one has a water bladder and a CE2 Back protector built in.

Product Image:


Not only did I win the backpack, but it’s the "demo" version so also comes with the 3L Crux water bladder which you normally have to buy separately. (y):D

All in all, it’s a really nicely assembled pack, well thought out with lots of storage and modulation options. It comes in two sizes S/M and M/L , I have the M/L.

The KUDU 10 supports 3 litres of Hydration storage and 7 litres of other storage through numerous pockets and storage areas.

You can unzip the main pack from the straps and back protector and just use it as a back protector if you want. The back protector is also removable via it’s own zipped pocket – it’s a tight fit getting it in and out :

camel separate.jpg

The back protector is a 6 layer CE2 laminate foam. About 3mm thicker, and slightly heavier than a D3O CE1 BP4 back protector :

Camel Armour.jpg

The M/L armour measures in at 47cm’s. The "M" D3O armour is 49cm’s.

If you’re an armour freak, you’ll be pleased to know that the D3O armour will also fit in the KUDU 10.

With the D3O installed. You can see the back is well vented with mesh support panels at the top and bottom and mesh panels through to the armour sections. The shoulder and waist straps are also well vented. The waist straps are Velcro and clip fastened. The Shoulder straps come with two adjustable height chest straps which also incorporate clips for the drinking tube.

I’ve not ridden in it yet, but wearing it round the house I’d say it’s my most comfortable back pack, by quite a margin.

camel with bp4.jpg

If you separate the main sack, it also has a carry handle on the back.

Both waist straps also have additional zip pockets.

camel lift off.jpg

It gets really boring from here with the dozens of pockets and storage areas. I’ve not shown all of them as I keep finding more !

The front of the KUDU 10.

camel front 1.jpg

The first outer front flap with elasticated storage pocket.

Camel Front 2.jpg

Next up, fold back the "beak" and pull down two zips to find the first fully enclosed storage area.

This section is also subdivided with two additional mesh pockets, one of which includes the tool roll.

Camel Front 3.jpg

Which unclips and unroll’s ………… and also has several of it’s own compartments.

Camel Front 4.jpg

On the top of the pack there’s a small soft lined zip pocket.

Camel Front 5.jpg

Next up, two more zips into the main storage section. Again it has separate areas including a zipped top mesh section :

Camel Front 6.jpg

And another lower internal pocket.

Camel Front 7.jpg

To access the hydration pocket, they’ve tagged the zip Blue ! If you weren’t using this for hydration, you could use it for other things.

Camel Water Zip.jpg

The bladder is held in place with a small support at the top, but the main support is a stout plastic hook which slides into a support section just below the opening. As you’d expect, there are also additional storage areas in here too.

camel water.jpg

And to top it off .. it has an inbuilt rain cover.

camel rain.jpg

Really nice bit of kit !!!

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