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Are E-MTB’s The ULTIMATE Training Tool?

Whilst some of you are die-hard E-Bikers who can’t remember what unassisted pedalling is, plenty of you will still be riding ‘normal’ bikes for fun and maybe even for racing.

As a full time coach to a load of MTB athletes and hundreds of trail riders across the world, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make them faster and how to help them enjoy their riding more. I think that an E-Bike is one of the best training tools if you want to become a better rider, and in this video I explain why….

What do you think? Do you use your E-MTB to improve your mountain biking? Does it help? How does it cross over and what benefits do you find when you ride both bikes? I would love to hear your thoughts….

Did you know I created the first E-MTB specific training plan in the World? Well, I did, and it’s been used by riders across the world to improve their riding and enjoyment of E-Biking. It is not a full-bore serious training programme, but a fun and achievable plan for riders of all levels. You can train at the gym or at home – it is up to you!

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