The cheaper 2025 Orbea Rise M20 and Hydro are here

Shimano EP6 and EP801
420 or 630 Wh plus 210 Wh extender
Fork Travel
140-160 mm
Rear Travel
140-150 mm
€ 4.499-6.999
I've been excited to see if Orbea would finally make a full-power bike weighing about 21 kg at around €5k. The answer is finally here and it's ... complicated. The entry level model, the 2025 Rise SL H30 has the old, weaker Shimano EP6 RS 60 Nm motor and the old 540 Wh battery. So, it's not the cheap, strong and lightweight bike I was hoping for. But hold on, it's €800 cheaper than the old H30. That's a nice price reduction! For some reason, Orbea doesn't supply any images of the 2025 H30. I wouldn't be surprised if the H30 comes with the old frame.

Orbea Rise LT M20
Orbea Rise SL H20
Orbea Rise LT H20

Strong, light and cheap​

If you want the cheapest possible Rise with the stronger 85 Nm motor, you need to look at the Rise SL H20 costing €5.499. That's just €200 more than the 2024 Rise H30. The new Orbea Rise SL H20 is very close to being the strong and light €5k bike I was hoping for. And this is the recommended retail price, discounts aren't unheard of these days. I don't know the weight yet, but it's likely much lighter than a "normal" fullpower emtb. For just €100 more, you get the longer travel Rise LT H20. Unfortunately, the LT H20 has the cheaper Shimano MT420 brakes. And who knows how much it'll weigh. Still, it's looking very interesting for the money.

The full 2025 Orbea Rise SL line-up
The full 2025 Orbea Rise LT line-up
Rise LT H20 specs
Rise LT H10 specs
Rise LT M20 specs
Rise SL H20 specs
Rise SL M20 specs

Strong and light​

If you prefer a reasonably priced lightweight bike, the Orbea Rise SL M20 is probably the way to go. Orbea doesn't specify the weight, but it comes with the new 420 Wh battery and is likely not too far off the previous Rise M20 at about 18.5 kg. The Rise LT M20 with the heavier Fox 36 fork is bound to weigh a bit more. But it shouldn't be that bad as it too comes with the smaller 420 Wh battery. The Rise SL M20 is €6.599, that's €400 less than the 2024 Rise M20! The 2025 Rise LT M20 is €6.999 which is the same as the old M20, and I've got no complaints about the specs. Both can be had with a 630 Wh battery and range extender.

2025 Orbea Rise SL H20
2025 Orbea Rise LT H10

Rest of the details​

We had a look at all the details when the more expensive 2025 Orbea Rise models were launched back in May. Check out that article for the full overview, here I'll just mention the most important news. Frame geometry is new and the chainstays are 5 mm shorter. The wheelbase is up and the head angle is slacker, especially for the longer travel Rise LT.

2025 Orbea Rise LT Hydro geometry
2025 Orbea Rise SL Hydro geometry
Rise LT carbon geometry
Rise SL carbon geometry

The new RS gen2 motor is more powerful than the old one. Torque is up from 60 Nm to 85 Nm, possibly making the new Orbea Rise with the gen2 motor as strong as some full-power bikes. Another piece of interesting news is the batteries. The smaller 360 Wh is bumped up to 420 Wh while the 540 Wh battery now offers 630 Wh. This is due to more energy dense battery cells and they should come with a minor weight increase.

The red S means this is the RS gen2 motor
An internally fixed battery plus the range extender.
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There seems to be confusion as to which bikes come with the EP801 vs the EP600. According to the chart above the SLM20 should have the EP801 but on the actual orbea site, the engine is listed as the EP600...