Introducing the new Specialized Turbo Tero X full suspension emtb

530-710 Wh
Fork Travel
130 mm
Rear Travel
120 mm
26.4 - 27.2 kg
Great news! The new Specialized Tero X is not a bike full of the latest innovation costing €18.000! No, this is a much cheaper bike that only comes with an aluminium frame.

Check out the video to hear me talk about the bike, or keep reading below.

Activity line bike​

You might already know the Specialized Tero, an electric hardtail from the so-called “Activity line-up”. That’s a bike made more for transport than for trail riding. But it seems the full suspension Tero X could bridge that gap.

The Tero X comes with the equipment you expect from an exploration bike. The rear rack can carry up to 20 kg, there is an optional carrying solution up front that takes 10 kg. You do of course get fenders, lights both front and back and room for two bottle cages.

The Specialized Tero X is built to carry stuff.

Single pivot suspension​

What’s the one thing you don’t want on a bike that’s made for carrying a heavy load over long distances? A complicated rear suspension design with lots of bearings. The Tero X has a basic single pivot design that is designed to handle the extra unsuspended weight on the rear wheel. Rear travel is 120 mm and it offers 130 mm up front.

Rockshox Deluxe rear suspension on all bikes.

I often see people using their full suspension emtb for commuting. I get it, ebikes are expensive so some will buy one bike for everything. I think the Tero X looks like a great option for many of these people. The basic rear suspension requires much less maintenance than the more advanced designs.

Trail bike?​

You could argue the Tero X isn’t optimal for trail riding and I agree, fenders aren’t great for hard and fast trail riding. But, not everyone rides like that. The bike comes with 2,35” tyres, a dropper seatpost and Sram Eagle 12-speed drivetrain. Front wheel is a 29er while the rear one is 27.5". This looks like a sensible and interesting bike that will handle both commuting and long rides off road.

The Specialized Turbo Tero X is made for carrying stuff


The display might look unfamiliar for us that only care about emtbs. There is no display integrated in the frame here, it sits nicely on top of the stem. This is a colour display that supports the Mission Control app. Here we can tweak assistance modes or lock the motor when the bike is parked.

The handlebar mounted color display is found on the activity style bikes

Specialized Turbo Tero X 4.0​

The entry-level Tero X is €4.350. A refreshingly low price for a new emtb. It has a detuned 50 Nm motor called the Specialized 2.0E. The battery is detachable and has a 530 Wh capacity. The front light is 500 lumen and the rear one is 11 lumen.

Specialized Turbo Tero X 5.0​

If you want to go far, you might want to check out the 5.0 model with a detachable 710 Wh battery. Price is €5.200. For that you also get a more powerful Specialized 2.0 70 Nm motor. Even the headlight is more powerful at 600 lumen.

Specialized Turbo Tero X 6.0​

If you want better trail performance, check out the 6.0 model. It comes specified with proper suspension, such as the Rockshox Lyric Select+ 130 mm fork and the Deluxe Select+ shock. It also comes with the full power 2.2 90 Nm motor and 710 Wh battery.

Specialized also let there be more light, with a 1000 lumen high beam headlamp that can be switched down to 600 lumen. The rear light is between 11 and 22 lumen, depending on the speed. Price is €6.200.

Specialized Tero X specs

Final words​

Hopefully, 2023 will be the year of good value emtbs. I think the Tero X is a great option for less aggressive off-road riding and for hauling a bit of cargo. Specialized have even approved the bike for hauling a trailer.
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