A new Canyon Neuron:On 6 and updates to existing models

Canyon has introduced a new model in the 2022 Neuron:On lineup, the Canyon Neuron:On 6. They have also adjusted specs and colors on the old models. The Neuron:On is still a 29er bike with an alloy frame. Like last year, the two smaller frame sizes get a 504 Wh battery, while sizes M to XL get the 630 Wh battery. The bikes with the smaller battery are €200 cheaper, that seems fair.

2022 Canyon Neuron:On 6

In 2021, the Neuron:On 7 was the cheapest model. It came with a cheap fork that isn’t great for riding trails, the Rockshox Judy. So I was wondering, had Canyon found an even cheaper fork for the new entry level model? Thankfully, no. The bike gets the Rockshox 35 Silver. Still not a high performance trail fork, but it’s more rugged than the Judy. The 35 Silver was actully used on the 2021 Neuron:On 8. Apart from the fork, specs seems the same as last years Neuron:On 7.

2022 Canyon Neuron:On 6

Neuron:On 7, 8 and 9

The Neuron:On isn’t necessarily made for agressive trail riding. These are 130 mm travel bikes and they should work well with cheaper suspension. But the more expensive models do of course get better forks. The Neuron:On 7 and 8 get the Fox 34 Rhythm, a fairly lightweight fork with a nice damper unit. The 9 gets the Rockshox Pike Select+, a really nice fork! Compared to last year, the price has increased a bit for the more expensive models. Looking at the price, it seems Canyon hasn’t really introduced a new and cheaper Neuron:On, they’ve introduced a more expensive and better equipped one. And that’s not a bad thing. The entry level model is now a better bike at the same old price.

2022 Canyon Neuron:On 9

2022 – prices and availability

Canyon says these bikes are already produced, and they can be ordered immediately. More bikes are being produced and the stock is constantly updated. If the bike you’re looking for is sold out, it might very well be back in stock within a week.

Specs and geometry