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45NRTH Nicotine studded tyre review

EMTBs with at least one 29er tyre are becoming more common, what studded 29″ tyre do you get?

There are a few studded 27.5″ tyres to choose from, unfortunately there are fewer options for 29ers. 45NRTH Nicotine 29×2.35 is the widest tyre that is sold localy where I live, it measures 60mm between the side walls on a 30mm internal width rim. It’s only got 222 studs, whereas the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pros can have as much as 400.

The Ice Spiker Pro 27.5×2.6 is the widest studded tyre from Schwalbe. The 45NRTH tyre isn’t as wide, but  since the circumference is bigger, the tyre patch area that makes contact with the ground is about the same. Both tyres are less stable, have more tracking issues and sinks deeper into the snow than the widest 27.5+ studded tyres. Cornering grip on compact snow on the Nicotine is very good though, the best I’ve ever experienced on a studded tyre.

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