2022 Merida eOne-Sixty 975 – the next iteration

We just received an eOne-Sixty 975 to review the new Shimano Linkglide drivetrain. But we had to do a short piece on the bike too. Check out the video or keep on reading below.

The evolution of the eOne-Sixties

We first rode the eOne-Sixty back in 2017. It was the alloy version with an external battery. We thought this bike raised the bar for ebike handling. But it wasn’t the most stable and confident descender for a 160 mm travel bike.

2019 Merida eOne-Sixty 800
2019 Merida eOne-Sixty 800

Then Merida launched a new eOne-Sixty for 2020. We rode a few different models, all of them with a carbon frame and integrated 500 Wh battery. Now the head angle was slacker and the wheelbase longer. Making it more capable on the descents, while still being a nimble and reasonably lightweight bike. Merida also abandoned the wide 27.5+ tyres, this improved steering precision and feedback from the trail.

2020 Merida eOne-Sixty 5000
My old 2020 Merida eOne-Sixty 5000 with some upgrades, like the Shimano EP8 motor and Fox 38 fork.

For 2021, Merida found room for a 630 Wh battery inside the same frame. Most models got the heavier Maxxis EXO+ tyres. And the bike we rode, the 9000 model, got the Fox 38 fork. These changes increased bike weight. Along with the burly fork, the 2021 Merida eOne-Sixty was an even more capable bike for descending. The heavier tyres offered better rebound control and made for a more settled ride.

2021 Merida eOne-Sixty 9000
The 2021 Merida eOne-Sixty 9000

For every iteration, the eOne-Sixty has inched towards becoming a more stable and confidence inspiring descender. And still, the eOne-Sixty remained reasonably playfull and nimble. For more details about these bikes, check out our reviews.

2022 Merida eOne-Sixty 975
2022 Merida eOne-Sixty 975

The 2022 Merida eOne-Sixty 975

At long last, we’re back on an aluminium frame eOne-Sixty. So, it is of course a tad heavier than the previous models. But that’s not all. The frame is the same as last years model. Still, it now comes with a 750 Wh battery. And then there’s the ebike optimized Linkglide drivetrain, and a burly Rockshox Zeb Ultimate fork. All of this seriously impact total bike weight. We weighed it to 25.9 kg with pedals. This is one heavy Merida, but it’s not that heavy compared to some of the competition. Price seems to be around £6.00 / €7.300.

The Simano XT Linkglide drivetrain adds a good chunk of weight.

A bigger 750 Wh battery

Even though the carbon and aluminium frames of the eOne-Sixty are very similar, only the aluminium bikes get the 750 battery. The big battery is 4.19 kg. Merida says the most eager mountainbikers will prefer the handling of the more lightweight carbon versions with the 630 Wh battery.

Specs & geo

Riding the bike

So, how does the weight affect handling? It is of course more work lifting the front end, but it wasn’t that bad. The short 439.5 mm chainstays ensure the eOne-Sixty is still surprisingly agile and fun, even on the flat trails.

The bike we rode was size Medium, this is a tad small for us at just over 180 cm. Still, this was the most confidence inspiring and stable eOne-Sixty we’ve ever ridden. The weight, the composed suspension, the tires, it all made this bike such a capable descender. On our regular test hills, we were carrying good speed and we almost gave up on picking lines. We picked out the biggest rocks and tried avoiding them, the rest we straightlined.

Final thoughts

We enjoy riding a lightweight emtb. But we enjoyed this bike too! It was an intense ride over rough trails. We think going with the size M was a good idea for us. It was still plenty stable. Sizing up would likely make it less inspiring. Bike weight aside, tyres with a thick sidewall and 38 stanction forks can make such a difference.