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2020 Specialized Kenevo Review

One bike for it all

The Specialized Kenevo is a 180mm travel bomber, set for downhill or full enduro blasts and big terrain. I wanted to find out if it was actually any good as an all rounder. With that slack geometry, big travel and weighing in at 24.5KG, it’s no lightweight whippet.

Although it looks nothing like Specialized’s new Enduro regular pedal bike, it’s based on the 2020 Enduro geometry and suspension design. Coming in at 520mm reach in S5 it’s the first ebike from Specialized to break the 500mm reach barrier.

Check out the video above and comment below on what you think.

  1. You kind of get the feeling he likes it ! :)

    Great video Rob. I take it that’s a different camera ? The on bike footage has the full "Star wars" effect. Looks amazing.

    Thanks for throwing a crash in too :)

  2. Great review , my TCU on the comp has been playing up recently , it seems to have a mind of its own . It’s going in for a checkup and hope a firmware update can fix it !
  3. Is there a way of diy waterproofing the TCU?

    This problem is somewhat ridiculous given the well documented issues with waterproofing on the Levo TCU; surely given a clean slate for the Kenevo they could have improved it? For £7k I don’t just want “excellent customer service” when things go wrong; I’d like a reliable product out of the box thanks.

    We all know the motors of most brands have some reliability issues, but basic problems with electrics aren’t acceptable IMO when you are paying such huge amounts. It’s a mountain bike, it’s going to get wet and muddy so design for those conditions!

  4. Fantastic review Rob. I’m keen to try it.
    You mentioned the issues you had with setting the rear shock – what handing characteristic were you trying to dial out (or was it just that you hated the position of the rebound knob)?
  5. Are people checking if the screw is done up tight? I’ve thoroughly washed my bike with a pressure washer quite a few times now as it’s been muddy here. Haven’t had any faults happen. I do make sure that particular screw is tight though after reading all the issues.
    Was thinking of making a thin rubber gasket for it just in case.
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