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2019 Vitus E-Sommet VR Review

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Check the video above to see my review on the 2019 Vitus E-Sommet VR.

A well sorted excellent price EMTB. Out of the crate its ready to ride, it wants for nothing. The price is unbeatable and if you are looking for an aggressive trail / enduro bike then you need look no further.
Good Stuff
Outstanding ride
Can tackle almost anything
Bad stuff
Delivery / Damage issues
Stock availability
When stuff goes wrong could be a long wait
Crap can build in the frame under the shock
  1. Considering the bad stuff maybe a little optimistic overall rate.
    More a 4 * than a 4.5 …

    Taking into account the value and how good the bike actually is its a 4.5 for me :)
    Many folks will have zero issues with the delivery etc. The only thing I think lets the bike down is that crappy build up area of dirt. But we have to take into account expectations too. If the bike was £6k I’d expect that stuff to be sorted. But we’re talking £3.8K which is one of the ‘cheapest’ sorted enduro bikes that you can buy.

  2. Very fair review Rob – I had no issues with either of mine when delivered, and IIRC I don’t honk anyone did last year, but with the 2019 model there have been a few members with bad experiences of the packaging and handling of the bike during delivery.

    I have never found the space above the motor to be an issue, as when you clean the bike a quick hose in there will flush any crap out – for me the main issue with the design of the frame at that point is it makes it hard to clean the shock.

    What you are getting with the E- Sommett is a bike where all the money and development has gone into a top spec and outstanding platform, with looks and integration an afterthought.

    Having now had the chance to ride many other bikes, I like the approach as far too many bikes that go down the integration route have sacrificed good weight placement and function in order to hide the battery and motor – really only Specialized with the 2019 Levo, of the bikes I have tried, have pulled off the integration of the battery without sacrificing the dynamics of the bike successfully, whilst still being able to easily remove the battery.

  3. You can get the bike cheaper if you have a platinum account at Wiggle if not you can buy £500 worth of stuff to get a platinum account then get the bike for £3350. So £3850 including £500 of extra stuff for just £50.

    My first bike was damaged in transit but Wiggle replaced it however they really need to sort out their packaging/delivery but ultimately most of the other issues are common with direct sales. Possibly just compare to other direct to customer bikes as your reviews build up?

    I agree with R120 the crud build up in the shock area, despite my initial concerns it isn’t an issue really, the worst part is access to the shock and cable management.

    I think direct sales bikes are not for everyone and for people without the knowledge to maintain their own bike then direct sales are not advisable unless you have an accommodating LBS.

    This leads into the next point in that the Battery isn’t proprietary and so a spares are readily available with a possible longer availability cycle, also they are small enough to fit in a normal large pack. The main thing though as R120 says, it’s the weight positioning as integrated raises the centre of mass and dependant on the design puts a Li Ion battery in the firing line.

    As a diehard Fox fanboy I must say the Rockshox Fork and Shock are outstanding.

    It’s a difficult one to score as it’s really down to the individual situation wrt direct sales and this bike could easily get a 3-5 range from different people.

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